Throughout its long history, Kanne has been distinguished with several prizes, awards and certificates. Here, you will learn how and why these distinctions were earned.

Lacon Zertifizierung

What is LACON?
Lacon GmbH (DE-ÖKO-003) is a private institute that offers quality assurance and certification services for organically produced foods and operates locations in Germany, Austria and Southern Europe.

The institute is an officially recognised and accredited inspection body for organically produced foods that certifies farmers, processing companies, retailers and importers based on the standards set for organic products by law and by the relevant associations.

The Lacon certificate
Our company Kanne Bread Drink® received the Lacon certificate, which is bestowed on products originating from organic farming, as early as the beginning of 1993. It confirms that Kanne products with the Lacon logo, such as Kanne Bread Drink® and Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain®, are produced in accordance with the strict guidelines of organic farming. Full-fledged organic farming starts with the grain already. It is purchased exclusively from farmers in Germany who run controlled organic farms and whom our company knows personally. These farmers work without pesticides and fertilizers. This way, consumers can be sure that the labelled Kanne products are genuine organic goods."

Organic certification

Organic seal on Kanne products-Produkten
This assurance is also given by the organic seal that you will find on most of our food products. The seal was introduced by the Federal Ministry for the Environment in September of 2001 and may be used only to label products made in accordance with the strict provisions of the EC Eco Regulation. It is widely recognised and verifiable. Only products labelled “organic” on the outside, are “organic” on the inside – the same rule applies at Kanne!
Fairly new is the organic seal issued by the EU. But the checking for ORGANIC content is just as thorough.
Both logos may be used if the ingredients are from organic farming. Only manufacturers as well as processing and import companies that meet the requirement of the legal provisions for organic farming and that have the stipulated regular checks are entitled to sell their products with the labels ORGANIC or ECO.
However, our company broke new ground in terms of ORGANIC production long before this seal was established because we have never altered the production methods we have been applying since we started out. We have had scientists scrutinise our products for many years. Painstaking analyses allow us to assure the already achieved superior quality level and to continuously improve on this level of quality."


HACCP is the systematic approach we pursue in order to ensure that none of our food products can cause any harm to the consumer. The objective behind the HACCP concept is to examine and assess the risks involved with the process of making foods and with the final product that results from this process. Once all factors that have an impact on the purity of food have been detected, it is possible to take all measures necessary to eliminate these risk factors.

The HACCP concept always starts out by trying to understand what the possible risks are and how they can be avoided.
IFS Global Markets Food

IFS standards are a collection of uniform international food, product and service standards. They are intended to ensure that companies who have been granted certification according to IFS standards make a product that conforms to the specifications agreed upon with the customer. They have also been devised as a tool that involves a continuous enhancement process and works towards an improvement of all relevant processes.

What is more, they monitor the statutory regulations applicable in the areas of food and product safety and set guidelines with regard to food, product safety and quality.

The Kanne Bread Drink corporation is certified in accordance with the IFS Global Markets Food Standard.


QS standard

The QS inspection scheme guarantees quality assurance across all stages in the production of meat and meat products. This begins with the analysis of feed and continues in cattle, pigs and poultry farming businesses which keep cattle, pigs and poultry.

Our products Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® and Kanne Fermented Grain® liquid for animals have been QS-certified as straight feeding stuff.

AöL member

The members of the AöL are champions of organic, valu­able and sustainable food. The whole process - from production to processing to converting to consumer-oriented trade - dictates the value of the food. The cooper­ation and exchange of views are instrumental to the success the joint political action of the AöL members has produced.

As an association of organic food makers, the AöL has been campaigning for the following since 2002:

- the advancement of European law with a special focus on organic regulation under the aspects of quality, transparency and environmental protection,

- creating and promoting an awareness of the true value of food,

- the processing quality of food that is made in an environmentally compatible way.

Vegan label

The V label is an internationally protected trademark that is used to identify vegetarian and vegan foods. It serves as an orientation aid for vegetarians and vegans on food packaging and restaurant menus.