Kanne Bread Drink for livestock

Whether you earn your living with dairy cows or cattle, pigs, poultry or farming: Adding organic Kanne products to your feed will significantly raise your profits!
As they strengthen the immune system of your animals, Kanne products give your animals' well-being and vitality a serious boost.

Using our products as a supplement in the areas of hygiene and health can help you cut down on your expenses for disinfectants and medication. One possible application is to use Kanne Bread Drink® for animals to mist your barns after a fattening period in lieu of or in addition to disinfectants as a means to reduce the bacterial loads brought about by pathogenic germs. When used in the barn, Kanne products lower not only the ammonium concentration in the liquid manure but also the rate of mortality. Better still, Kanne products also improve feed conversion, thereby reducing the amount of feed you need to dispense to your animals. The quality of the liquid manure and its capacity to flow are improved. If used consistently, our Kanne products can play a part in creating a healthier environment on your entire farm.

Other possible applications for Kanne products are silages as well as soil and fields. All of these effects are not only easy on your budget but also on the environment. Maybe most importantly, you will pass this benefit on to your customers – as the living quality of our animals has a substantial impact on the quality of their meat, milk and eggs.

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The farm as a living organism

Why would I want a personal consultation?

Animal farmers of today are faced with a plethora of potential challenges. This is why they need to pursue the right strategy!
We will be glad to answer any questions you may have before feeding your animals with Organic Kanne Bread Drink® products. We have experts in all fields that will be happy to make sure that your use of Organic Kanne Bread Drink® will be a success from the start.

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Wilhelm Kanne III, Brottrunk-Erfinder

"Most of our customers run conventional operations. They are pragmatic people who will notice the positive effects of our products in their wallets first. As the fattening period for pigs is finished after 100 days, these customers will find out quickly if they have saved any money or not. Successes in poultry farming become evident even faster as poultry requires shorter breeding periods and are clearly indicated by a reduction in mortality. While sceptics sometimes attribute the potency of Organic Kanne Bread Drink® for animals to a placebo effect, the favourable outcomes we have witnessed in animal husbandry and agriculture have proven these doubters wrong. After all, an animal does not ponder the effect the food it is consuming may have on it. If your animal has fallen ill, ladle a portion of Fermented Grain liquid into the feed every day. You will notice quickly just how effective our product is!"