Our certifications

In the past, our company has received several awards, prizes and certifications. Here you can find out why this happened and why.

What is LACON?
Lacon GmbH (DE-ÖKO-003) is a private institute for quality assurance and certification of organically produced food with locations in Germany, Austria and South-East Europe.

The institute is a state-recognised and accredited organic control body that certifies farmers, processing companies, traders and importers according to the specifications of the statutory organic standards as well as all association standards.

The Lacon certificate
Already at the beginning of 1993 the company Kanne Brottrunk® was awarded the Lacon certificate for products from organic farming. This confirms that the Kanne products with the Lacon mark, such as Kanne Brottrunk® and Kanne Enzym-Fermentgetreide ®, are produced according to the strict guidelines of organic farming. This begins with the grain. This is only sourced from farmers in Germany who practice controlled organic farming and who are all personally known to the company. These farmers do not use pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This ensures for the consumer that the labelled Kanne products are genuine organic goods.

The organic seal on Kanne products:
The assurance of consistently high quality is also provided by the organic seal that most of our food products carry. The seal, introduced in September 2001 by the Federal Ministry of the Environment, may only be displayed on products that are produced in accordance with the strict rules of the EC Eco Regulation. This is widely recognizable and verifiable. Only where it says BIO on it, there is BIO in it - just like with jugs!
The EU organic seal is still quite new. Also here it is controlled exactly what BIO is.

Both logos may be used if the ingredients are of agricultural origin and come from organic farming. Only producers as well as processing and importing companies that meet the requirements of the legal regulations for organic farming and undergo the prescribed regular controls are entitled to sell their products under the terms BIO or ÖKO.
But even before the introduction of the organic seal, the Kanne company was a pioneer in the field of BIO, because nothing has changed in our production processes since the beginning. For years we have had our products thoroughly examined by scientists. Precise analyses help to ensure the quality once achieved and to improve it continuously.

HACCP, that is the systematic approach we use to ensure that food is safe. The task of the HACCP concept is to look at hazards associated with the processing of food or which emanate from finished products and to assess the risks. Once all factors that could affect food purity have been identified, the appropriate measures can be taken to eliminate these risk factors.

The aim of the HACCP concept is first to understand what the possible risks are and how they can be avoided.

The QS inspection system ensures quality assurance for meat and meat products across all stages. It begins with the inspection of feedstuffs and continues with the cattle, pig and poultry farms.

Our products Kanne Enzyme Fermenting grain and Kanne Fermenting grain liquid for animals are QS certified.

The V-label is an internationally protected trademark for the labelling of vegetarian and vegan food. It is used as an orientation guide for vegetarians and vegans on food packaging and menus.

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