Working at Kanne

In our company, we have set ourselves the goal of doing as much as possible for the benefit of people, animals and nature. The well-being and satisfaction of our employees is particularly important to us. The individual support and promotion of our team, together with environmental protection and sustainability, form the basis for our entrepreneurial decisions. We can only guarantee the high quality of our organic products because withteamwork and because of our committed and satisfied employees

We are proud to be able to look back on a company history since 1904, when we produced organic products before the organic term even existed. Starting with a small bakery, the family business continues to grow to this day and with it the craft tradition that is passed on from generation to generation. In the 1980s, the long-developed Kanne bread drink was first made available to the public and was so well received that we employ over 400 people today. In addition to 30 branches of the bakery, we are also proud of our two company locations, in Selm-Bork and in Lünen, where we have created all the prerequisites for working in harmony with nature. There we protect our natural resources with a photovoltaic system, a wind turbine, an organic garden center, fish ponds and our own 7-chamber filter system for rainwater.

Missing a job?

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