Member- & Partnerships

Kanne is a partner of various institutes and associations.

Centre for corporate sustainability

Pursuing a sustainable corporate philosophy means to adopt a gradually increasing amount of responsibility for human beings and nature on the corporate and the product level – this approach starts at the company location, continues at the value creation chain and ends with the company in general. Crucial to this approach is keeping a firm eye on the global North-South divide as well as on future generations. The implementation of sustainability measures involves a medium to long-term learning process that needs to start with an open-end dialogue with the stakeholders of the company.

The ZNU is an application-oriented research institute that is part of the department of economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke. As an initiative that champions sustainability in business and science we try to turn sustainability into a tangible reality for managers of today and tomorrow by working in the areas of research, teaching, and advanced training as well as by holding conferences, striving to fill these managers with enthusiasm for the opportunities sustainable management has to offer. Based in well-founded research and successfully applied in the real world, our approach considers the following starting points as most relevant:

  • bringing the risks and opportunities involved with the topic of sustainability in the area of food into stronger focus for today's and tomorrow's corporate figureheads, enabling them to successfully pursue their own specific corporate sustainability strategy;
  • engaging in a profound dialogue with all (relevant) stakeholders and proving to them in convincing terms that activities in the areas of sustainability have been implemented;
  • providing a platform that is dedicated, in particular, to producers and dealers and allows these parties to engage in cooperative (pilot) projects – in a "protected" creative room on neutral territory;

Acting in the capacity of a university centre, the standard we set for ourselves is to be in the vanguard of the international research performed in the area of sustainability in the food industry, to combine existing and newly found results for the purposes of business practice and to conduct research projects in an effort to substantiate the debate with scientific facts. Our practical experience and scientific findings are constantly incorporated into the lessons we teach to our students.

Association of Organic Food Producers

The members of the AöL are champions of organic, valuable and sustainable food. The whole process - from production to processing to converting to consumer-oriented trade - dictates the value of the food. The cooperation and exchange of views are instrumental in the success the joint political action of the AöL members has produced.

We put the representation of our political views both on a national and on a European level front and centre and also concentrate on encouraging the cooperation and discussion amongst our members.

As an association of organic food makers, the AöL has been campaigning for the following since 2002:

  • the advancement of European law with a special focus on organic regulation under the aspects of quality, transparency and environmental protection,
  • creating and promoting an awareness of the true value of food,
  • the processing quality of food that is made in an environmentally compatible way.

Federal Association of Neurodermatitis e.V.

According to the health insurance companies, between 10 and 15 percent of Germans suffer from neurodermatitis. The tendency is rising. Other skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema are also widespread in Germany. The provision of reliable information is accordingly important.

The Federal Association of Neurodermatitis e.V. is a self-help organisation for various skin diseases. In addition to the eponymous neurodermatitis, the BVN supports patients with psoriasis, eczema, allergies, autoimmune diseases and clinical pictures of the atopic form. As well as other skin and environmental diseases.

As a registered association, the Federal Association of Neurodermatitis e.V. is a non-profit public health care corporation.