Kanne Brottrunk - Produkte für die Landwirtschaft

Kanne Bread Drink for agricultur

According to the motto “What is good for humans, is also good for animals”, Kanne Bread Drink® inventor Wilhelm Kanne concerned himself intensely with the effects of lactobacilli on animals. 

Kanne products can also be seamlessly integrated into the overall life cycle of the farm as they can be used as plant protection agents and soil quality enhancers. 

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New! Kanne Breaddrink and Organic Kanne Fermented Grain® liquid for precious fish

Organic Kanne Fermented Grain® liquid for precious fish is a particularly popular choice as it has been developed especially for the realm of precious fish, where it will enhance the quality of the water in the pond and give a boost to the animals' vitality.

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Kanne Brottrunk - Nachhaltigkeit


"The expression "in harmony with nature" has been an integral part of the vocabulary used at our company for as long as I can remember. Much more than just a flowery phrase, this expression is a reflection of our way of living and of running our business." Wilhelm Kanne Jr. 

Practised environmental protection is one of the cornerstones of the Kanne philosophy. In appreciation of this concept, Wilhelm Kanne was distinguished with the B.A.U.M. environmental award in 2001 and the Kanne company received the NRW Sustainability Award in 2014.

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Kanne Brottrunk - Die Anfänge des Familienunternehmens gehen auf die Gründung der Bäckerei Kanne im Jahr 1904 zurück.

More then 100 years...

The company started out as a family-operated Kanne bakery and was founded in 1904. Today, the company employs a staff of more than 420 (including 95 apprentices) in the bakery, the 30 branches and the plant that produces Organic Kanne Bread Drink®.

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