Renewable energies

Local production of renewable energies

Many problems arising from switching the energy supply to renewable sources can be attributed to the attempt of applying the system used by the existing, conventional energy sector to the new alternative energy sector. We believe that renewable power should not be generated in giant power plants in a central location as conventional energy, which is transported across Europe by means of a colossal energy grid. Nearly every location offers an abundant supply of renewable energy. Harvesting this power in smaller, local plants may be the right approach for the future.

Wind energy

The company managed to set up a small wind power plant on the premises of the Kanne bakery as early as 1998. The initial idea behind this project was to feed the generated energy directly into the facility in order to, among other things, supply the pumps needed for the water circulation (surface water is returned within a natural recirculation system). The company was later able to replace this small plant with an 800 kW plant in 2009. A significant plus in the consistent use of renewable energies for our company.


We have installed solar modules, delivering a total output of 125 kW, on the roofs of our factory building in Lünen wherever construction allowed for it. In 2014, the company managed to establish the direct feed of the generated energy. The wind and photovoltaic systems generate a combined output of renewable energy in the amount of approx. 1.2M kWh. Naturally, the production cannot be reduced to the times when the wind blows or the sun shines. After all, direct consumption of renewable energy amounts to nearly 650,000 kWh.den