Get to know Kanne-Brottrunk®

Kanne Brottrunk Messestand auf der Grünen Woche in Berlin

Throughout the year you can not only get to know Kanne Brottrunk at our locations in Lünen and Selm-Bork, but also on a variety of other occasions.

Here you will find current dates, where you can get to know us.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!

23.-24.01.2023 IGW Berlin
14.-17.02.2023 Bio Fach Nürnberg
24.-25.02.2023 Naturheiltag
01.-03.03.2023 Landwirtschaftsmesse
11.-12.03.2023 süd. dt. Naturheiltage
18.-19.03.2023 veggieworld
02.04.2023 Bio Ost
16.04.2023 Bio West
21.-23.04.2023 Nordpferd
07.-09.06.2023 Landwirtschaftsmesse
08.07.2023 HP
07.-10.07.2023 Landwirtschaftsmesse
11.-13.08.2023 Lebensfreudemesse
10.09.2023 Bio Süd
17.09.2023 Bio Nord
22.-24.09.2023 HeLa
07.-08.10.2023 HP
24.-26.10.2023 Landwirtschaftsmesse
01.-05.11.2023 med. Woche         

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