About Kanne-Brottrunk®

For many years Wilhelm Kanne III worked on the development of Kanne Brottrunk, until he was finally satisfied with the result.

Sustainability and tradition are the secrets to our success

The fact that bread is more than just another food item and that it harbours powers that are good for our health dawned on master baker Wilhelm Kanne more than 40 years ago. He discovered that renowned physician and chemist Friedrich Hoffmann (1660 – 1742) used pumpernickel bread to make his compound spirit of ether (Hoffmannstropfen). Other physicians also highly appreciated the effects of pumpernickel, the dark whole grain bread from Westphalia. A large number of people held pumpernickel bread in high regard as it regulated digestion, was easy to digest and exceptionally nutritious at the same time. This bread was also used to extract a drink that was considered particularly beneficial to one's health. It was prepared by pouring boiling water over a few pumpernickel slices. On the following day, the farmers would use this drink to quench their thirst while working on the field. Meanwhile, there is a similar traditional drink that is drunk in Russia as a refreshment and created by fermenting bread, vegetables and other ingredients. Containing a small amount of alcohol, it is called Kwas and still immensely popular today.

Wilhelm Kanne used these traditional drinks that have been passed on from generation to generation as his inspiration and starting point. He spent more than 20 years experimenting with the fermentation of organic bread grains. The outcome of his tireless efforts is Original Kanne Bread Drink® – which, today, is widely known and popular both in Germany and abroad.

Their success has proved Wilhelm Kanne and his family right given that their invention has been a triumph for more than 30 years: Kanne Bread Drink® with its vitamins, minerals, amino acids, live bacteria and protein components that help control a vast number of biochemical reactions in our organism.

But, the Kanne family business from Lünen in North-Rhine Westphalia has a lot more to offer than just their signature Organic Bread Drink®. Kanne's principal objective is and has always been the development of products that are beneficial to their fellow men and their health and well-being. This is why Kanne Brottrunk GmbH & Co. has never let up in their research and development efforts that are driven by their resolve to serve mankind and nature. Click here to learn the ins and outs of Kanne research and development efforts.

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