Our locations

The Kanne company operates two different research and production locations – in Selm-Bork and in Lünen. The company applies their concept of sustainability with great consistency at both locations. The bulk of the required power is generated by a wind turbine and a photovoltaic system that have been set up on the company's premises in Lünen. The water originates from our own spring, and the rain water at the premises does not go into the sewer system but is fed to ponds and biotopes through a seven chamber system, where it forms a natural habitat for many fish and waterfowl. The residual heat of the baking ovens is used to heat the dishwater.

With its lakes, reed ditches, scattered fruit tree meadows and groves, our company grounds in Selm-Bork look more like a biotope than the premises of a highly advanced production facility. Located here are the fermenting vessels used for our Organic Kanne Bread Drink® production, the filling plants, administration, the training rooms, the Tyrolean stone mills and our bakehouse. The Lünen location, on the other hand, houses the bakery, the nursery, the fish ponds, the wind turbine and the Environmental Academy.

The Kanne corporation has furnished both locations in such a way that they can be operated in harmony with nature: from the organic nursery to the fish ponds to the environmentally compatible generation of power. These locations allow us to develop and inspect products for use in agriculture and work on the next big idea.

Kanne Environmental Academy

At the “Environmental Academy” in Lünen, visitors – among them doctors, natural health professionals, veterinarians, non-veterinary practitioners or associations – can experience the Kanne concept up close and personal.

In the course of the last few years, our Environmental Academy has been evolving into a communication centre for anyone with a desire to return to a more natural way of living and looking for alternatives to the excess of substances that are synthesised chemically and dominate our lives.

Organic experimental nursery

Biological plant protection by applying the Kanne cultivation method

In order to observe and examine the correlations of soil, micro-organisms and plant health in detail, we have set up an experimental nursery with 40,000 square metres next to our bakery premises in Altlünen. Here, we are testing – with great success – the effect of our purely biological plant care agents on vegetables, berry bushes, herbs and flowers. The treatment with Organic Kanne Bread Drink® for plants and Organic Kanne Fermented Grain® liquid for plants makes plants and seedlings significantly stronger and more resistant to pests. The principle is simple: The lactobacilli and enzymes contained in Organic Kanne Bread Drink® for plants allow the respective micro flora to heal and regenerate and to be subsequently activated. The results of our experiments are known today as the Kanne cultivation method. Numerous farmers both domestically and abroad have already switched to that method. They produce cereals, fruit, wine, and vegetables of supreme quality and, better still, in a highly cost-effective manner.

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