For your entire farm

This is what is in it Kanne products can be even more effective if used consistently and in all areas across the farm.
Humans, animals and the environment will then be able to benefit from the potency of Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and the products that are based on it – more importantly, you as the farmer will save cold hard cash as you will be able to spend less on chemicals for disinfection, disease prevention and pest management.

Anyone who understands how Kanne Bread Drink products work quickly comes to appreciate that they maximise their benefit if they embrace a holistic approach in applying our products.
If made part of the constantly repeating cycle on the farm, our products will create a wholesome farm environment all around.
Starting with the livestock, our Organic Kanne Bread Drink® for animals and Kanne Fermented Grain® liquid for animals are used, respectively, for misting the barns and for feeding the animals. Apart from having an immediate positive effect on the health of the animals, our products offer such additional benefits as improved feed conversion and - as an effect directly linked to this advantage - reduced ammonium concentrations in the manure.
Wetting the slatted floors with Kanne Fermented Grain® liquid for animals effects an enrichment of the liquid manure with lactobacilli, raising its capacity to flow and reducing the number of floating layers that allow flies or pathogenic germs to flourish.
When scattered over the field, liquid manure treated in this way allows the lactobacilli to enter the soil, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on plant growth and strengthens the soil environment. The nutrients contained in the lactobacilli are made ideally available to the plant, reducing the extent to which they are exposed to harmful influences.
The cycle that guarantees an all-around wholesome farm environment is completed by a continuous treatment of plants and the soil with Organic Kanne Bread Drink® for plants, as the animals will absorb the nourishing bacteria in their food plants.
Experience has shown that farmers applying this principle in their operations regularly see subsequent benefits that increase year by year and result in a wholesome environment on their farms.
Refer to the separate pages we have dedicated to livestock and farming to learn more about the advantages our Kanne products have to offer in the respective area.

Christel Kanne explains: "Our veterinarian, Mr. Neuhaus, who works with us in the capacity of in-house consultant and microbiologists makes it his priority to attend to every farmer personally. He drives to each and every one, assesses the situation on the farm and treats them to a consultation that is tailored to their specific needs. We render this service for free: the farmers do not incur any cost.
Even if you only have little money to spare – do not save your money in the wrong place! Using our products as a preventive measure is a smart approach as your farming business may otherwise sustain economic damage. Over the long run, you will be able to cut out the cost you used to incur for animal health care and antibiotics completely! Today, we are confronted with a host of multi-resistant germs, which means that antibiotics do not offer a sustainable solution, either.
This is where our alternative approach comes in. Kanne Bread Drink is an outstanding alternative to the common strategy that involves the use of antibiotics! Allow us to convince you. The fact that we have been a staple in the marketplace for decades is a testament to our success! Schedule your free and non-binding consultation with us today!“