Assoziation ökologischer Lebensmittelhersteller e.V. (Association of Organic Food Producers)

The members of the AöL are champions of organic, valuable and sustainable food. The whole process - from production to processing to converting to consumer-oriented trade - dictates the value of the food. The cooperation and exchange of views are instrumental in the success the joint political action of the AöL members has produced.

The Kanne corporation has been an AöL member from the date the AöL was founded

We put the representation of our political views both on a national and on a European level front and centre and also concentrate on encouraging the cooperation and discussion amongst our members.

As an association of organic food makers, the AöL has been campaigning for the following since 2002:

- the advancement of European law with a special focus on organic regulation under the aspects of quality, transparency and environmental protection,

- creating and promoting an awareness of the true value of food,

- the processing quality of food that is made in an environmentally compatible way.