Kanne Bread Drink – the backstory

Eating and drinking the right things – now more important than ever!

“Half of the German population is overweight. At least 51 per cent of all Germans weigh too much.“ Headlines like this have become commonplace in the German media, and the numbers give increasing reason for concern. Already today, about half the German population dies from the consequences of cardiovascular diseases and one fourth dies from cancer. Allergies and food intolerances baffle medical professionals time and again. One third of the population is already afflicted nowadays – and the number is rising. In Germany, more than 16 million people suffer from high blood pressure, that is 20-30 per cent of all adults, even up to 40 per cent of elderly persons over 60 are affected. About nine per cent of the population suffer from diabetes and every day, 700 persons newly develop type 2 diabetes.

How can Kanne Bread Drink be beneficial to my health? In the majority of cases, Bread Drink has a positive effect - regardless of whether it is ingested or used externally. The vast number of loyal customers we have convinced of our products speaks for itself! We suggest that you find out for yourself what Organic Kanne Bread Drink® can do for you.
We recommend that you drink 3x100 ml every day. Since Organic Kanne Bread Drink® is a food, you are, of course, welcome to drink as much of it as you want or to mix it water or juices.
There are no known intolerances or side effects. After finishing your trials with our product, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with us. For this purpose, you can use our contact form or write a comment on our website.

According to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, about one third of all health care costs
are incurred by diseases that can be attributed to nutritional deficiencies. Meanwhile, the food industry floods all channels with ads touting products that are full of chemical additives, flavour enhancers, emulsifiers, and flavouring agents. Such convenience products are also used in restaurants, bakeries and snack bars. In contrast, the Kanne bakery completely dispenses with the use of such additives and backs this promise with the guarantee reflected in the company's own purity requirement. Malnutrition is one of the main reasons for our ailing health care system. Only if we eat well on a permanent basis will our prosperous society be able to feel good again. Healthy nutrition requires foods that contain vitamins, mineral nutrients, enzymes and other nutrients that are natural and as much broken down as possible. These nutrients are richly available in Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and other Kanne products. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that a large number of people have come to appreciate Organic Kanne Bread Drink® as a completely untouched natural product that they love to consume regularly.

What exactly are the ingredients contained in Kanne Bread Drink®? Click here to find out.