Organic Kanne Bread Drink® products

Realising just how much Organic Kanne Bread Drink® was contributing to people's well-being, Kanne felt encouraged to develop additional products that contained Organic Kanne Bread Drink®. Today, Organic Kanne Bread Drink® can be applied to the skin, munched as a snack during short breaks or spread over your breakfast cereal as a powder. Click here for direct access to a selection of our other products.

Organic and local
Das Bio-Getreide für den Kanne Bio-Brottrunk® stammt überwiegend von Bio-Bauern aus der Region. Verlässliche Partnerschaft mit Bauern, die man kennt, war schon für den Erfinder des Brottrunks, Wilhelm Kanne, immer sehr wichtig. So besuchte er die Betriebe, die das Getreide für den Bio Brottrunk® lieferten immer selbst, bevor er einen Auftrag vergab. Selbstverständlich wird zur Herstellung des Kanne Bio Brottrunks® ausschließlich biologisch angebautes Getreide verwendet.

Naturally, Original Organic Kanne Bread Drink® is and has always been the Kanne's linchpin product. There is, however, another product that is immensely popular with our customers - just as a host of other products made by Kanne - and which is the fruit of a vision, profound audacity and persistent experimentation: Organic Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain®.

As explained under Production, one product of the formulation of Organic Kanne Bread Drink® from organic whole grain bread is fermented mash. Wilhelm Kanne discovered that this product contains a slew of valuable components of the fermentation process. He said to himself: "This product is actually the best that is coming out of the entire formulation process. We simply have to make something with it, too!" No sooner said than done.
Christel Kanne still remembers vividly how her husband started his initial trials with a grape press. This grape press was used to dry the mash by squeezing the moisture out of the pulp. Today, an industrial grinder is used for the same purpose. This device dries the mash and grinds it into a powder at the same time. The end product is a powder full of nutrients named Organic Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain®.
As it turned out, the beneficial properties of the fermented bread mash did not deteriorate in any way by the drying and further processing into powder or tablets. These properties make Organic Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® another first-rate food for men and animals.