Kanne Bread Drink for animals and plants

Quality breeds successKanne products for animals are subjected to the same rigorous analyses at renowned laboratories as Kanne products for humans. The result of these experiences and many examinations is a range of supplemental animal foods for pets like dogs, cats, small rodents, birds and ornamental fish as well as for agricultural livestock like fowl, pigs and cattle. You recognise healthy animals by their shiny fur and their energy. Organic Kanne Bread Drink® products can make a valuable contribution to your animals' all-around good health – give it a try! 

According to the motto “What is good for humans, is also good for animals”, Kanne Bread Drink® inventor Wilhelm Kanne concerned himself intensely with the effects of lactobacilli on animals. This is because animals always played an important part in the life of this animal lover and horseback riding enthusiast, but was also keenly aware of the importance of animals to our environment. Especially In today's world, humans have the paramount responsibility to protect their environment - even if they are not familiar with the Kanne concept.
Kanne has been making an enormous contribution to the welfare of animals as their products have played a major part in ensuring that they remain healthy thanks to balanced nutrition. Better still, Kanne products can also be seamlessly integrated into the overall life cycle of the farm as they can be used as plant protection agents and soil quality enhancers.
Learn more here about which products Kanne has developed especially for animals and plants and how you can use Kanne products for the purpose of improving the well-being of your animals and plants and for greater efficiency in operations overall.
Certified as organic according to the QS quality scheme for food, all Organic Kanne Bread Drink® products are 100% natural and boost vitality in your animals – regardless of whether you own a budgerigar, a large pig fattening business or a dairy farm.




Would you like a personal consultation? Absolutely!The needs of your animals are just as unique as the needs of us humans. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have before feeding your animals with Organic Kanne Bread Drink® products. We have experts in all fields that will be happy to make sure that your use of Organic Kanne Bread Drink® will be a success from the start. Click here to contact us.