How did the other products of the Kanne family come into being?

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After his profound initial success in developing and testing Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain®, Wilhelm Kanne Sr. quickly enjoyed soaring demand for his product along with suggestions from friends and acquaintances to come up with products that are tailored to the needs of specific applications.
Over the years, Kanne turned these requests into a slew of products that are based on or complementary to Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain®.
Some customers found Organic Kanne Bread Drink® too much of an acquired taste - for this reason, we started offering mixed drinks such as organic apple juice made with Organic Kanne Bread Drink® or Organic Kanne Pauer Gulp®. We then proceeded to look for a convenient alternative to take Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® with you. The fruits of these labours were Organic Kanne Sugar Beet Syrup and our Organic Kanne Brolacta® Enzyme-Fermented tablets - ideal for consumption while travelling and on the go. Another product we developed for mobile use is our Organic Kanne Bread Drink® Pauer Essence. Filled into a nifty 40ml bottle, this product will fit into any handbag.
The close proximity of the Kanne Bread Drink to its birthplace, namely the Wilhelm Kanne bakery, spawned a selection of additional bread & baked goods products. Kanne's range of baked goods now includes a wide variety of breads in addition to such staples as Münsterland "Pumpernickel" or Vitakorn in a can. 

Other care products followed soon. For instance, Organic Kanne skin care cream and organic skin balm. Among other ingredients, these products contain Organic Kanne Bread Drink®, are devoid of paraffins and preservatives and are ideally suited to care for dry skin.
These developments gave rise to a host of additional products and specialities such as the Bread Drink mustard or the vegetarian bread spread, all of which were inspired by the original invention, Organic Kanne Bread Drink.
And, this trend is maintained by Wilhelm Karl Kanne, the son of "Bread Drink inventor" Wilhelm Kanne. Always staying true to the Kanne concept, which demands a production method that is sustainable and gentle to the environment. Today, the company already generates the lion's share of the energy they need using their own wind turbine and photovoltaic installation. Heat recovery installations and the process water recycling and treatment system are additional building blocks of the sustainability concept.