The production process

How came Kanne Bread Drink® into being?

The secret of Organic Kanne Bread Drink® lies in the unique, patented process used to formulate it. Master baker Wilhelm Kanne started experimenting with the fermentation of bread as early as the late 60s of the 20th century. The lactic acid bacteria resulting from this process have a beneficial effect on the human organism (and not only on the organism of human beings but also on animals and the farm as a living organism, as Wilhelm Kanne learned over the years). The process can, however, also fail, i.e. the product may "overturn".
It took Wilhelm Kanne countless years of tireless research and experimenting to achieve a repeatable outcome, but his initial findings bolstered his hope. Original Organic Kanne Bread Drink® was first launched on the market in 1981. Today, Kanne uses an organic whole grain bread that is baked specifically to form the basis of the company's Organic Bread Drink®. This bread is then shredded and allowed to ferment for several months in our own pure spring water. We do not use any chemical additives or other artificial ingredients for this process as they are not required for the production of Organic Kanne Bread Drink®. When the fermentation period is complete, Organic Kanne Bread Drink® is then filtered and filled into bottles.
The remaining filtrate is also rich in enzymes, ferments, amino acids, vitamins and lactic acid. For this purpose, it is gently dried and ground into a mildly acidic powder that is available as Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain®. Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® has properties that are similar to our Original Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and is perfectly suited as a food enhancer when added to, for example, soups, sauces or your breakfast cereal. Christel Kanne and her staff attach the greatest importance to quality throughout the entire production process. She confirms: "Even today, we have every single batch that we fill tested by an independent laboratory. Even though we are not required by law to do so, we still do it. This is because we want to ensure that our customers only receive products that are of flawless and superior quality."

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Next to the lactobacilli, enzymes and ferments, Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® contain many key essential amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals that are made ideally available for the body with the special fermentation process. Whether you consume them separately or together, Organic Kanne Bread Drink® and Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® can assist you in balancing your nutrition and help you enjoy more energy, vitality and greater well-being. These two foods also form the basis for all other products that Kanne has developed for your benefit.