Lactobacilli improve the soil

The natural materials cycle

A factor of key importance to soil quality is the condition of the micro flora in the soil. Lactobacilli play a major part in this regard. They take a significant share in the fertility and quality of the soil.
The physician, soil researcher and co-founder of organic-biological agriculture, Dr. Hans Peter Rusch, discovered these connections in the middle of the 20th century already. He realised that the regions with the most lactobacilli in the topsoil also have the highest soil fertility. Wherever lactobacilli are prevalent in the soil, the soil is healthy. There is neither foul-smelling decomposition nor any formation of pathogenic germs. Responsible for the production of lactic acid, these bacteria also brake down the nutrients in the soil and thus make them available to the plants.

The lactobacilli also fulfil an important task for the mycorrhiza, the area around the fine roots of the plant. They are the gateway from the soil into the plant, so to speak. The lactobacilli transfer the broken down nutrients to the plant here and keep away harmful substances at the same time.

The natural cycle of materials - from growth and ripening to the decay, the rotting and the formation of humus, which in turn serves as natural nutrition for the plants - would be impossible without micro-organisms. The special lactic acid bacteria in Organic Kanne Bread Drink® for plants and Kanne Enzyme-Fermented Grain® ensure an intact and effective micro-organism flora in the top soil.

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The first experiences with plants

Christel Kanne

"At one point, my husband started spraying plants with bread drink and noticed that the plants became more resistant to germs and diseases and also looked much better overall. To document these initial successes, he eventually established an organic experimental nursery.

Today, we also offer tours of this nursery to allow experts and farmers to take an up-close and personal look and see for themselves how successful our approach really is. Anyone who lays eyes on these plants is amazed to learn that our yields spring exclusively from the use of all-natural products. All it takes to produce these gorgeous plants is to add one per cent of organic bread drink to the water in your watering can.

The size the plants reach is not necessarily the decisive factor. The benefit that truly sets our products apart from the rest is how much more stable and robust the plant is and how much firmer its roots are.

Most businesses today spray grain with chemicals to attain the same type of growth in their plants. Kanne Bread Drink allows you to achieve similar results, but without the need for any chemicals!"